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Fish Pond | Koi News, Articles and Resources
Find extraordinary ideas, tips and supplies through our extensive list of contacts.

FishGeeks is the most indepth site for information aquarium fish, tropical fish, pond fish, saltwater fish and aquariums. We offer more than 1,800 tropical fish species profiles and over 5,000 aquarium fish photos. Check out our searchable tropical and aquarium fish database. Search for freshwater, brackish or saltwater aquarium fish. You can even add your own comments and pictures of the fish!

Tropical fish and aquatic plants
Aquaria site with info about tropical fish and aquarium plants breeding, a photo gallery with aquariums related photos and a discussion board where you can breed a virtual tropical fish.
Aquarium articles, DIY projects, fish profiles, aquarium calculators, pictures, forums, tools and more!

Murphy's tropical freshwater fishtank
The day of Friday the 4th of May 2001, began like any other. It was warm for a Friday, but this did not arouse anyone's suspicions and an outing to the fairly local pet shop for ONE small and scaly addition to the family was announced and deemed desirable to all...

Freshwater Fish Rescue
We take in Southern Ca. unwanted freshwater fish or fish realted items.

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