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FishGeeks is the most indepth site for information aquarium fish, tropical fish, pond fish, saltwater fish and aquariums. We offer more than 1,800 tropical fish species profiles and over 5,000 aquarium fish photos. Check out our searchable tropical and aquarium fish database. Search for freshwater, brackish or saltwater aquarium fish. You can even add your own comments and pictures of the fish!

We are Life Tropical Fish exporter from Indonesia. We supply quality and healthy Exotic Tropical Marine Fish, Invertebrates, Freshwater Fish and Aquatic Plants.

Totally Fish
Located in Maryland, we are the largest aquarium store in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. We offer discount prices on ALL Fish & Supplies from the top "name brand" manufacturers such as Tetra/Second nature, Hagen, Hikari, and Seachem to name a few. And with over 330 Freshwater & Marine Aquariums, we have the largest selection of Tropical Fish in the area, and a great selection of Marine Fish.

Southern California Fish Rescue
Serving most of Southern California. We take in freshwater aquaria for various reasons and provide a loving home for them.

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