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Ultimate Aquatics
Our retail aquarium shop offers 500 tanks of tropical fish, marine fish, coldwater fish, hard and soft corals, and marine liverock. As one of the best retail tropical fish shops in the UK we also carry a huge range of aquarium supplies. We stock almost everything for the fishkeeper: from Eheim filters to fish tanks, Biorbs and Juwel aquariums all the way up to full blown Aquamedic reef tanks like the percula 120. If you can't make it to our retail shop then our E-commerce site enables you to place online mail-orders for aquarium supplies from all over the UK. Please be aware that there are some items which we cannot post such as: fish tanks, aquariums, and obviously fish (although we are happy to send invertebrates such as hermit crabs and turbo snails as well as liverock).

Eco Terrarium Supply: Natural terrarium and aquarium decorations
Eco Terrarium Supply produces unique naturalistic aquarium decorations. Tambora Roots, Driftwood, Jungle lianas (vines), exotic mosses, bamboo poles, bamboo roots, petrified wood food bowls, decorative terrarium wood, giant jungle leaves, live tropical mosses and more for your aquarium pets. Eco Terrarium Supply also produces hand carved, realistic animal carvings from Bali Burl wood blossoms

Aquarium Stand Plans
Aquarium Stand Plans - Build your very own aquarium cabinet using diy aquarium stand plans with step by step instructions.

Rate my Fish Tank allows users to rate member photos of fish tanks to help bring aquarists together and provide each other visual ideas for their own aquariums. By offering useful information on fish tank set-up and maintenance, our site hopes to make this hobby more accessible for beginners

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