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Dog Boots by Pro-Active Paws
Dog boots used by service and rescue dogs worldwide which protect dog paws against injury and shield wound dressings. Our dog boot protects sporting dogs, working and pet dogs in harsh ground. The dogboot alleviates lameness from cuts and bruises and will stay on your dog. Tested on working retrieves in all terrains and whilst competing. Secure, washable, slip resistant, durable. Special boots made for dogs with disabilities

Puppy Crate Training
Our effective, fast puppy crate training is the best way to house break your puppy.

Pets Pantry
Secure online shopping for all your pets needs including dog collars and leads, dog coats and beds, cat flaps, parrot cages and much, much more. Worldwide shipping.

Caring For Canines
Natural dog health care and alternative holistic treatment information, including dog nutrition, herbal supplements and more.

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