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Horse Gifts
The Gift Horse Company - Horse gifts for horsey people.

Faithful Friends Portraits
Lifelike pet portraits in acrylic by UK Artist, Nicky Jones, specialising in detailed commissioned paintings of dogs, cats, horses, other animals, and people, from your photographs.
Huge range of gifts ideas for horselovers, classic or comedy, for ages 2 to 102 we have award winning designs and creations plus up and coming artists.Choose a figurine to be painted in your animals likenesss - this is a very popular and highly praised choice of special gift.

Animal Artist Horses and Pets Portraits
Pam Reed specialises in custom, realistic portraits of all domestic pets and animals from photographs in oils, pastels, watercolours and graphite pencil. Extensive on-line gallery.

Beautiful watercolour or pencil pet portraits from photographs.

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