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About Petbuz

PetBuz is a free on-line database that allows users to search for information on animals and pets. At Petbuz we have information on rescue centre's, breeders and suppliers and much more.

Petbuz was formed to provide owners of companion animals with a "one stop shop" for information, details of suppliers, and general information to make finding information on owning your pet.

We have been a resource for breeders, groomers, trainers and pet owners for some time, and have now revamped our site to bring you a better service.

You'll know what we mean by resource when you visit all of our links. One thing we hope you will notice, is the effort we have made to bring together information, articles and suppliers.

We provide you many links to find solutions to source your pet products and find helpful information on problems from top vets, trainers, breeders and other animal experts, but remember it's no substitute for a veterinarian.

Thank you for visiting PetBuz on the web. We are pleased that you have considered us to source your pet care needs.

Benefits to visitors

If you need detailed, expert information on a given pet subject today then having all this information on one site will be of great value to you. If you need information on "Dog Health" in seconds you can see a number of listings on "Dog Health". and have the information in front of you.

Benefits to site owners

Posted links are viewed daily by visitors to PetBuz, exposing your links, services and/or products to a targeted and interested audience.

Increased link exposure equates to increased traffic and link popularity with a consequent improvement in site ranking.